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Approval from the Board of Standards must be obtained in writing from both the Chairman and Vice Chairman before anyone is allowed to be a Certified Speaker or Trainer.

Dr. Cornel Collins, MBA, MPM ©, IWWP, FAAPM, CIPM, CAC, - Vice Chair

Dr Collins is an international consultant, Project Manager and qualified professional coach and public speaker & lecturer at major Universities worldwide on subjects such as: Team Building, Management Development Programs, Project management, Leadership Paradigms & Styles, Organizational Structures, Management Strategies. Many of his articles in technology and management strategies have been published in major journals, and magazines worldwide. In the Bahamas, his articles on Economic Paradigms of Leadership, Organizational Strategies, Information Systems, Customer Service, Business Strategies and CBI-Ten Years After, The Millennium Bug, and Quality Leadership, have been published by the Guardian. He is a dedicated Rotarian, the Past President of the Rotary Club of Nassau, and a two-time Paul Harris Fellow. Dr. Collins is also a Sports Psychologist, Certified Tennis Instructor (USTA, CLTA, AELTA), Certified Golf Instructor (CPGTA, PGTCA), National Coach Bahamas Golf Federation and Black Belt in Chinese Kung Fu (Choylafoot and Hung Gar).

Anthony Bowen, MPA, CTC, MPM©, PME©, CIPM©, CPL - New York USA- LinkedIn:

Strong project management knowledge and experience applied to ecommerce, marketing, sales, data mining, communications and systems integration ventures in the travel industry. Adjunct Lecturer Queens College – City University of New York / Developed and teach the Project Management Certificate Program . PMI approved program and MPM © approved program Basic & Advance Project Management. Holds CPL in Project Leadership from Cornell University and PM Graduate training at New York University. 15 years of management experience in ecommerce online sales, marketing, project management and national accounts relationship. Senior executive management experience with strong leadership, process improvement and project management (SDLC) (PLC) skills working with external and internal partners.

Dr. G. S. Mentz, JD, MBA, MPM™, CIPM™ - Chairman

Prof. Mentz has a juris doctorate in civil law, an MBA in international business, and an Advanced Diploma Certification in International Law from an ABA accredited law school. Mentz holds the MPM Master Project Manager Graduate credential and several other certifications. Dr. Mentz has published over 20 books and has authored a multitude of accepted journal articles.

In the last 20 years, Prof. Mentz has taught over 150 college level or above courses at business schoosl, MBA programs, and accredited law school levels. Mentz co-authored the IPMC International Project Management Commission Treatise of Knowledge TOK, designed the protocols for project management, and is on the academic board overseeing the course curriculum and exams for the MPM and CIPM Certifications.

Mentz is a licensed attorney and qualified to practice in the state and federal jurisdictions in the United States of America. Mentz has been quoted or featured in some of the world's most respected news venues such as the: Wall Street Journal, The El Norte Mexico, The Financial Times, and the China Daily. Prof. Mentz is Chairman of the Board of Standards for the IPMC and AAPM. Mentz is the recipient of several faculty awards and an award for meritorious service to charity.

Committee on Speakers

Chairman/CEO - Dr. G. S. Mentz, JD, MBA, MPM™, CIPM™ - EU and USA
Dr. Allan Britton, Phd MBA LLB(Hons) MPM CHSIII, Darlington, United Kingdom UK
Dr. Keith A. Moskowitz, PhD, MPM - Scientist & Biochemist, Maryland USA - Board of Advisors
Dr. A. Mateav, MD, MPM - Physician and Researcher, New York USA
Dr. Sammy C Germany, PhD, MPM, CIPM, CPRM, CPE, MBA - Long Beach, CA, USA - Global Advisor
Dr. Dimitrios S. Stamoulis, CEC, MPM, Banking Executive & Unviersity Lecturer, Athens, Greece.
Sam Shah, MPM ™, CIPM™, PMP® Technology Mgr. Lakeshore Engineering - Detroit, MI USA
Dr. Ronnie L. Holmes, PhD, MPM, CIPM - Europe and USA (Honorary Board Advisor)
Dr. Marc Brandone, PhD, MBA, MPM ™, CIPM™, PMP™ - Consortium Mgr. - Siemans - Qatar
Prof. Carl Thong, MPM ™, MBA, CIPM ™, CWM - Singapore (Board of Advisors)
Dr. Christopher Lietz, PhD, MPM - Canada (Honorary Board of Advisors)
Dwayne M. Manigault, MPM™, PMP®, Comptia IT Project Plus Certified Project Manager (Honorary Advisor)
Dr. Mihail Sadeanu, PhD, MPM, CIPM - Project Manager - S&T România
Prof. Dr. Sean Patrick Rozario, DFA, MBA, MPM, MFP, FAD, CWM, MFC - Honorary Advisor Asia and Singapore. Diethelm Singapore Pte Ltd.
Prof. Dr. Yiowmin Chay, PhD, MBus, MBA, BAcc (Hons), MFP, MPM, MFM, MFC, RFS, CAM, FAD, CWM, CAM, CEC, CPA, CMILT, MBCS, CFTP - Special Advisor from Singapore and UK - Deloitte and Touche
Dr. Cornel Collins, MBA, MSc, PhD, MPM™, CIPM™, IWWP, CPM, CAC: - Lignum Technologies (Bahamas) Ltd.
Prof. Dr. Dale Mancini, PhD, MPM - Michigan, USA Project Management Executive
Dr. James L. Hoyt, MPM Master Project Manager - Troy University
Dr. Demitri Leo, PhD, MPM, CIPM - Advisory Board - Moscow Russia
Dr. Pui Wah Lee, PhD, MPM, CIPM, Master Project Manager - Hong Kong, PRC - Global Advisor
Dr. Dallip Bhowani, PhD, CIPM, BS, Adv. Dip.- South Africa - Exec. Project Manager. Hon. Adv.
Prof. F. Mentz, MFP, MPM, CIPM ™, CEC, CPM (United States) (Board)
Dr. H. Sanni Yaya, M.Sc., Ph.D., Adm.A., F.CIM., MPM(tm). - Canada (Honorary Advisor to the Board)
Prof Toby Mills, B. Hort, PMP IPST, MPM ™, PME - Board of Advisors 2004-07 (Sydney, Australia)
Prof. Dr. W. Byrnes, JD, LLM, MPM - San Diego, CA, USA - (Super Board))
Dr. Raywat Chatreewisit, PhD, MPM, CIPM, CEC - Bangkok, Thailand
Dr. Barth E. Okonigene, MPM,CIPM,MPI,ASME - Principal Project Manager -Oilserv Limited - Lagos
Prof. Dr. Henry Oh, PhD, MPM, RRT-NPS, MT, CLC; Director of Health Sciences Simulation Center, San Juan College, NM, USA.

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