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AAPM ™ Founding Global Board of Standards USA

AAPM™ International Board of Standards:

  • Chairman/CEO - Dr. G. S. Mentz, JD, MBA, MPM™, CIPM™ - EU and USA * SB
  • Dr. Allan Britton, Phd MBA LLB(Hons) MPM CHSIII, Darlington, United Kingdom UK
  • Dr. Keith A. Moskowitz, PhD, MPM - Scientist & Biochemist, Maryland USA - Board of Advisors
  • Dr. A. Mateav, MD, MPM - Physician and Researcher, New York USA
  • Dr. Sammy C Germany, PhD, MPM, CIPM, CPRM, CPE, MBA - Long Beach, CA, USA - Global Advisor
  • Dr. Dimitrios S. Stamoulis, CEC, MPM, Banking Executive & Unviersity Lecturer, Athens, Greece.
  • David Lewis, TSgt., USAF, MPM, CPRM, Construction and Energy Management Consultant
  • Sam Shah, MPM ™, CIPM™, PMP® Technology Mgr. Lakeshore Engineering - Detroit, MI USA
  • Dr. Patrick Eulogius Yau, MMC, CPMC, CPITC, MPM, CPRM, PMP, CEC, Chief Operating Officer – Governance, Risk, Audit and Compliance (GRAC), Hong Kong - Hon. Global Advisor
  • Dr. Ronnie L. Holmes, PhD, MPM, CIPM - Europe and USA (Honorary Board Advisor)
  • Dr. Marc Brandone, PhD, MBA, MPM ™, CIPM™, PMP™ - Consortium Mgr. - Siemans - Qatar
  • Prof. Carl Thong, MPM ™, MBA, CIPM ™, CWM - Singapore (Board of Advisors)
  • Dr. Christopher Lietz, PhD, MPM - Canada (Honorary Board of Advisors)
  • Dwayne M. Manigault, MPM™, PMP®, Comptia IT Project Plus Certified Project Manager (Honorary Advisor)
  • Dr. Mihail Sadeanu, PhD, MPM, CIPM - Project Manager - S&T România
  • Prof. Dr. Sean Patrick Rozario, DFA, MBA, MPM, MFP, FAD, CWM, MFC - Honorary Advisor Asia and Singapore. Diethelm Singapore Pte Ltd.
  • Prof. Dr. Yiowmin Chay, PhD, MBus, MBA, BAcc (Hons), MFP, MPM, MFM, MFC, RFS, CAM, FAD, CWM, CAM, CEC, CPA, CMILT, MBCS, CFTP - Special Advisor from Singapore and UK - Deloitte and Touche
  • Dr. Cornel Collins, MBA, MSc, PhD, MPM™, CIPM™, IWWP, CPM, CAC: - Lignum Technologies (Bahamas) Ltd.
  • Prof. Dr. Dale Mancini, PhD, MPM - Michigan, USA Project Management Executive
  • Dr. James L. Hoyt, MPM Master Project Manager - Troy University
  • Dr. Pui Wah Lee, PhD, MPM, CIPM, Master Project Manager - Hong Kong, PRC - Global Advisor
  • Dr. Dallip Bhowani, PhD, CIPM, BS, Adv. Dip.- South Africa - Exec. Project Manager. Hon. Adv.
  • Prof. F. Mentz, MFP, MPM, CIPM ™, CEC, CPM (United States) (Board)
  • Dr. H. Sanni Yaya, M.Sc., Ph.D., Adm.A., F.CIM., MPM(tm). - Canada (Honorary Advisor to the Board)
  • Prof. (Dr.) Niranjan C. Bhat, Hon. Global Advisor for AAFM and AAPM, International & Grand PhD, FAAPM / FAAFM, MPM / MQM / MMC, CIPM, GPM, CPD and MFP - India.
  • Prof. Dr. W. Byrnes, JD, LLM, MPM - San Diego, CA, USA - (Super Board))
  • Dr. Raywat Chatreewisit, PhD, MPM, CIPM, CEC - Bangkok, Thailand
  • Dr. Barth E. Okonigene, MPM,CIPM,MPI,ASME - Principal Project Manager -Oilserv Limited - Lagos
  • Prof. Dr. Henry Oh, PhD, MPM, RRT-NPS, MT, CLC; Director of Health Sciences Simulation Center, San Juan College, NM, USA.
  • Pulasti Choudhary, PMP, MPM™, CTFL, USA - Hon. Global Advisor
  • Charles Afam Anosike, MIT, MPM - President/CEO Browse.Com NIG Ltd, Abuja. Nigeria - Hon. Advisor
  • Azmi Bachar El-Osman, PMP™, MPM ™(Master Project Manager) - International Bank of Qatar (ibq) – Qatar - Hon. Global Advisor
  • Tariq Hussein Beshtawi, MSc IT, MPM, ITIL, PMO Projects/Progaramme Manager, Sr.Consultant & EA ,IT Advisory & Strategy , Management Consulting - E-Government and Enterprise Solutions , EMEA area - UAE - Hon. Global Advisor
  • Dr. Demitri Leo, PhD, MPM, CIPM - Advisory Board - Moscow Russia
  • Anthony Bowen, MPA, CTC, PME, MPM, CIPM - New York - USA - Project Manager

AAPM ® Board of Standards and Global Advisory Board Honorary Members

  1. For Certified Training in over 10 US Cities, please visit: www.CertifiedProjectManager.US
  2. Or attend our online program from the accredited Law School or from Mindleaders, INC

The AAPM ® Board is the Advisory, Member, Certifying and Regulatory Body for AAPM ® Global Standards and Requrements

This list is composed of honorary members and they do not sit on the Administrative Board. To speak to our PR team, please call our legal offices.


*Many of these members are on the Academic and Expert Hon. Global Advisory Board. Some of these members serve on the Super Board.
** The AAPM Super Board of Standards is responsible for the administrative decisions for the Global Certification and Training Operations **

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