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Setup local Chapter
Get Active! Establish a local AAPM chapter
The Honorary Board of Standards for AAPM encourages local members to set up chapters and will support the local chapter with logistical and financial support wherever possible. It only takes a few members to get started and this is a great way to network and help the AAPM community to stay active and informed.

So how do you go about establishing a local chapter? Here are the steps
Step-by-Step Guide to Establishing a Local Chapter
Contact the AAPM administrative office in one of the following key locations to find out if there is already a chapter in your area:

  • a. New York, Colorado, LA, USA ( )
  • b. Dubai, UAE ( )
  • c. Hong Kong, China ( )
Organize a corporate sponsor for a AAPM networking event in your city
Notify AAPM of dates/location for the event and we will notify all the members in your area/country of the networking event
At the event, arrange for the members in attendance to select a committee to assist with ongoing Chapter administration, including the following individuals:

  • a. President
  • b. Secretary
  • c. Events Coordinator
Work with the AAPM administrative office to establish a formal chapter structure
What are the responsibilities of the local chapter?
The local chapter simply organizes sponsorship and coordination of membership networking events in your location. The AAPM community is the life-blood of the AAPM and as such, local chapters play a vital role in the AAPM’s ongoing success
What is required to sponsor a AAPM networking event?
Typically events are hosted in a formal location like a 5-star hotel conference room or training centre, along with drinks or snacks provided for the members. You can charge a nominal entry fee for the event, but the room rental cost should be covered by the sponsor.

The sponsor will have the option of showing their logo at the event and the AAPM may provide advertising/marketing support depending on the size of the venue, including via the global websites.
Who can act as a local chapter officer, such as a President, and what are their duties?
This is open to any members in the local AAPM area through petition and approval, but these should be selected by the members in the local chapter. The time required to organize a local AAPM chapter is minimal and you should not expect to spend more than a few hours a week.

Local chapter officers can join the AAPM quarterly chapter administration conference call with the US and global teams to discuss the needs of the membership. Sanctioned local chapter officers may also elect to have their details listed on the AAPM website.
Contact the AAPM for more information (

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